Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience


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Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience









Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience is well known in end of life education as “The Little Blue Book.” This was the first, the primary source, and remains the most widely used patient/family booklet on the signs of approaching death. It also contains Henry Van Dyke’s poem about death.
The biggest fear of watching someone die is fear of the unknown; not knowing what dying will be like or when death will actually occur. The booklet Gone From My Sight explains simply, with no medical terminology,  the normal process of dying and stages of approaching death from disease.
Dying from disease is not like it is portrayed in the movies. Yet movies, not life, have become our role model. Death from disease is not happenstance. It doesn't just occur; there is a process. People die in stages of months, weeks, day and hours. Having this knowledge will help address the fear of death and dying that most of us bring to the bedside of a person approaching death.
Gone From My Sight is literature used to reduce fear and uncertainty;  to neutralize the fear associated with dying. It is designed to help people understand dying, their own or someone else’s.
Use this guideline while remembering there is nothing concrete, all is very flexible. Any one of the signs in this booklet may be present, all may be present, none may be present. For some it will take months for others only minutes.
The most frequently asked question I get from families is “How long?” Gone From My Sight will give as close and accurate an answer to that question as can be provided.

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Billie Davis, Sebastian, Florida
Many thanks for your kindness and for getting your mother's books to me and my sister-in-law so quickly. They arrived yesterday. Thanks, too, for sending "The Eleventh Hour," which I will read and send to her soon. Mom came home from the hospital yesterday and will be under hospice care at home. Having gone through the same experience with my own mother three years ago I know what a great blessing it will be for our family in Rhode Island to take care of her through her last days. I never could have handled it without Hospice and your mother's books. Looking back on my 72 years it was the most special and important accomplishment in my life. On the day my mother (Billie Mae) died (Palm Sunday) it was a dark, stormy morning. I awakened at about 6 AM; my mother was resting peacefully under the watchful eye of a hospice nurse. Hospice cared for her, in our home, over a six-month period. The 24 hour nursing care began just about 36 hours before she died. The moment my feet hit the floor I knew this was her day. I suggested my husband go and visit her because of this "feeling" I had. After a quick breakfast I went to stay with her because there was a horrific storm brewing. We had soft music playing (actually on for days, hymns and light classical which she loved). I told her I loved her and that Bill and I were fine, so it was O.K. for her to leave. I told her God was coming on the wings of the storm to take her home. It wasn't more than a minute or two before she drew her last breath. It was awesome to share this moment with her! Thank you, Barbara Karnes, for giving me the information and support to make that journey with her.
Margaret W. Johnson, Black Diamond, WA
I flew east to be with my sister August the 17th when notified by her children that she was dying. She had hospice care and my nieces were supplied with a copy of your book, “Gone From My Sight.” They felt this was very helpful and when I read it I realized that it was indeed very helpful. This book helped me to recognize the various phases as my sister’s death approached gradually. My sister was expected to last only three days, but she lasted six because of a heart that just didn’t give up. We all recognized the final stage telling us she wouldn’t make it through the night. I was so impressed by your booklet that I am ordering it for myself but also a copy for my pastor and the Board of Deacons. I believe this should be a resource for those of us in our church congregation who visit the ill and dying. I expect that the Board will subsequently order a basic supply to have on hand for times it is needed to be given to members of the congregation. God Bless you in your work.
Vicki, Monrovia, CA
My mother passed last Saturday, July 21 and I want you to know what a comfort your booklet, “Gone From My Sight” was to me, my grown children and my husband, as we gathered around my mother for chitchat, laughing, reminiscing and enjoying one another’s company, knowing that, even though she was unable to speak, she was a part of the family gathering. Mom waited for our youngest daughter, who is so much like my Mom, to arrive from Great Lakes Naval Station in Chicago before slipping away to a better place and her spirit is now free of the painful, diseased body she left behind. Thanks to your booklet, given to us by the hospice care providers at Vitas, we knew and understood what to expect so that we could link hands and pray around her as she passed. You are a blessing to all of those experiencing death up close for the first time. My husband and I own a health food store in Monrovia, CA and we also have our own radio program on KRLA870am radio and XM Satellite radio, channel 170. Today, we told our listeners to call our store to find out how to obtain copies of your booklets through Vitas; I since found your website and will refer further inquiries directly to you. It is delightful to be able to share your experience with our listeners and we thank you for sharing your gift of writing with others. Many Blessings Always