My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience


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My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience




“My Friend, I Care” is a booklet intended for the newly grieving. It addresses the normalcy of grieving and stages of grief while offering suggestions for moving forward into living.
The grieving process is as foreign to us as death. The experience is forced upon us by life situations that have been beyond our control. We become angry, depressed, fearful and anxious. We do not know that all these feelings together represent grief; a normal, natural response to the loss of someone or something.
No one has taught us what it feels like to grieve. We don’t know how to heal the hurt created by grief or how to live with it.
“My Friend, I Care” offers simple explanations for the thoughts and feelings generated by grief. It is short enough to read and reread for the guidance offered within.
Individuals as well as agencies often use “My Friend, I Care” as a sympathy card personalizing the booklet with signatures and condolences. It offers an expression of caring while giving support and guidance.
Like its companions, “Gone From My Sight,” “A Time To Live,” and “The Eleventh Hour;” “My Friend I Care” is written in a simple and direct manner with large print and an easy to read style.
“What we can do is acknowledge that irreplaceable loss and try to live each day as best we can. Let our act of living, feeling joy, allowing ourselves laughter and renewing our interest in life be the tribute of our love and respect for our loved one who has gone before us. Grief is appropriate but it must be allowed to heal. Our tears and our tears cannot convey the depth of our sadness.” Excerpt from “My Friend, I Care.”

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Terry Eden, Cody, WY
I work as a CNA at our local Hospice House. After reading this booklet, which we provide for family members, I sent copies to several people in my life that I know will find comfort and encouragement from the readings. Many of my own loved ones have gone on, and I am thankful to have "permission granted" to continue to grieve when and how I need to!
Jennifer Rodriguez, Kannapolis, NC
This book really helped me with my grief process. I was holding back a lot and not realizing it was hurting me more than helping me. Thank you so much. I have also ordered them for the rest of my family and hope it will help them too.
Kathy Morgan Ridgefield, WA
“My Friend, I Care” is the best book I've read in 20 years after my first husband died. Most books are so long and boring and hard to focus on because of our pain. “My Friend, I Care” is easy to read over and over and shows us we are not alone. When I saw exactly what I was doing and what stage I was at—I changed my thought process to move on. My second husband died and the stages of grief are the same—but your book helped me more than I can say and I give one to friends to help them speed up the process of not feeling that scar permanently. Thank you so much.